The TINAMUS team has worked on the following projects of international organizations and international cooperation:

Delegation of the European Union (Republic of Georgia)

Survey of the Final Line and Evaluation of the EU Roadmap for the Strengthening of Civil Society and Design of the System of Indicators for the Monitoring of the New Roadmap 2018-2020 (in alliance with Stone Soupe Consulting). 2018-2019.

Delegation of the European Union (Colombia)

Design of the Monitoring System and Performance Index for Projects financed by the EU under the Thematic Line “Civil Society” in Colombia (in alliance with Innovate Social Consulting). 2016-2017.


Systematization of the Inclusive Recycling Project in Santiago de Chile. 2016-2017.


Midterm Evaluation of the Inclusive Recycling Project in Santiago de Chile. 2015-2016.


Final Evaluation of the SOCIALAB Project (Roof) “Social Innovation Model for Low Income Populations”, in Santiago de Chile (in alliance with UpSocial Spain). 2015-2016.

BID/FOMIN (República Dominicana)

Intermediate Evaluation of the Recycling Promotion Project for the development of Communities in Santo Domingo. 2014-2015.

BID/FOMIN (Argentina)

Methodological Design and Implementation of the Systematization of the Experiences of Social Organizations that Work with Youth in the Transition from Education to Employment in Argentina. “The SI-SI Youth”. Research and Systematization of the activities of 27 CSOs that work in the labor inclusion of vulnerable young people from high school. 2013-2014.

BID/FOMIN (Argentina)

Systematization of the Intervention Model and Design of the Monitoring System of the “Gasification Project in Vulnerable Neighborhoods of Greater Buenos Aires” of the Pro-Social Housing Foundation. 2009-2013.

BID/FOMIN (Argentina)

Design and Implementation of the Mid-Term Evaluation of the Sustainable Tourism Cluster. 2010 (*)

BID/Banco Mundial

Country: Argentina

Coordination of the Evaluation of the Financing Program for Municipalities of the National Government (for Research for Decision). 2004-2005.

Union To Union

Country: Sweden

Evaluation of the UNI-MEI and FIA Projects in Latin America 2010-2016, for the strengthening of the Unions of the Audiovisual Sector in the Region. 2015-2016.

IDDI – Instituto Dominicano de Desarrollo – BID/FOMIN 

Country: Dominican Republic

Intermediate Evaluation of the Project “Promotion of Inclusive Recycling for Community Development” in Santo Domingo. 2014-2015.

UN Women

Country: Argentina

Coordination of the Evaluation of Results of Gender and Advocacy Projects in Argentina – United Nations Office for Women. 2010. (*)

Transparency International 

Latin America

Training on the Use of the Logical Framework Approach for Advocacy Projects, for the offices in Chile, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia. 2009. (*)


Country: Argentina

Evaluation Design “Training Program for Public Sector Leaders in Latin America” (for CIPPEC). 2004-2005.

JICA – Japan International Cooperation Agency 

Country: Argentina

Study of Urban Horticulture Programs in Argentina. Analysis from the point of view of its impact, operation, administration and performance (for CIPPEC). 2004-2005.

International Coffee Organization 

Country: UK

Analysis and research in Rural Development, following the Sustainable Livelihood Approach methodology, in order to achieve improvements in the production and marketing of coffee through the productive association and innovation. 2002.

Save the Children

Country: UK

Analysis of results obtained by the organization after acting in 5 different emergencies in Latin America. 2001.

(*) Carried out as consultancies for Zigla Consultores (Argentina)